KeepYourHead is a latex based flashcard trainer under GPL3


KeepYourHead is a latex based flashcard trainer under GPL3. It includes an editor as well as an trainer. Flashcards are build in latex. Latex is a powerful tool for descriping documents. The Flashcards are checked by letting the user judge if he knew the answer well enough.

KeepYourHead helps you to memorize things over a longer period. You can create virtual flashcards with any content you like and question yourself over and over so you forget much less in the long term.

It grew out of the need to memories some mathematics. Entering the answer to the questions would be cumbersome and complicated and it is not required to know the answer literally. In KeepYourHead you have to judge for yourself if you knew the answer and weather this flashcard should be trained more.


Sometimes images can be more concrete than words.

Editor Latex Editor Question Answer


Actual version is 0.2.2.

The project is in an beta state. It is useable but you should be prepared to encounter some problems. You are very welcome to try the program, give feedback or help in development. Any feedback is welcome.

The format of the flashcard files is quite stable. So any files you create with this version should be readable with the following versions.

Flashcard files

I would be glad to distribute user-made flashcard databases. If you wrote some files that you think could be interessting for others, just write me.

Here is an example file to take a look.



First make sure you have the prerequisites needed for the program.

On my ubuntu linux these commands do the job:

sudo apt-get install ruby rubygems ruby-gnome2 install ghostscript texlive

You can then install KeepYourHead with the following gem command:

sudo gem install keepyourhead

The executeable will be installed in the directory ‘bin’ in the ‘GEM PATH’. If this directory is in your path you can start KeepYourHead with:

Other wise you have to find out the ‘GEM PATH’ with the gem command:
gem environment

On my machine it is ‘/var/lib/gems/1.8’.

You can run KeepYourHead now with the following: (replace ‘(GEM PATH)’ with your ‘GEM PATH’)
(GEM PATH)/bin/keepyourhead

On my machine it is ‘/var/lib/gems/1.8/bin/keepyourhead’.


It would be very nice to hear about people using this program. If you have any comment, idea or critisism do not hesitate to give some "feedback !

Additional information

Please take a look at the rubyforge page.

Todo (the dark path ahead)

This are some plans for the future.



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